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Adopting Again - Adoption

Expecting Miracles: Visit With Birth Family

Open Adoption…summer visits. We’d love for you to share any special memories you may have from any of your visits and why open adoption is so important to you. This mother shares their recent visit at a splash park.

Tennessee couple 'do a Brangelina' adopting EIGHT children from Africa

Birth Family Reunion and All Its Complexities

"My feeling is that there can never be too many people loving my child. It comforts me to know that if my daughter ever rejects me in a moment of distress, then I can hand her the phone and suggest she talk to her birthmom. It isn’t about who she chooses. It’s about someone answering her call when she is ready to talk." - Siblings connect, more than six decades later

They're All My Own: July 2009

Ranked as one of 2012’s Best of Open Adoption Blogs, “They’re All My Own” is a heartwarming account of one family’s journey of change and adoption!

My husband and I expanded our family by placing our twins for adoption