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Adoption Blog: Stereotypes And Misconceptions About Birthmothers 

There are many stereotypes, myths, and misconceptions out there about birthmothers and expectant mothers considering adoption. This is due, at least in part, to the portrayal of birthmothers in movies (such as Juno), books (like Girls in Trouble by Caroline Leavitt) , and television shows (Glee and several soap operas over the years).

Adoption Story From a Young and Fertile Couple

Newborn Bonding

and so the school year begins ...

Adoption Expenses: Where to Go for Help

Adoption Expenses: Where to Go For Help via Adoptive Families Magazine Building Your Family Guide

How Open Is Right For You?

Birthmother writes about what openness is for her and how it is different for every person. “Your personal situation or where you are emotionally may influence the degree of openness you are okay with as a birthmom.”

Preschoolers Will Have Questions About Adoption - Here Are Answers

Kids ask the darnedest things! Luckily Adoptive Families is there to help you answer them!