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Nat King Cole's Daughter and Long Lost Granddaughter Reunite

Imagine finding out your biological family was music royalty! A very cool story!

5 questions all adopted children have been asked


So instead of being a good student and doing my homework, I found this on thought catalog and thought I should share it with you guys. Hope all is well ~Ann Marie

Birthmothers For Adoption: How Not To Handle A "Failed Adoption"

Seeing the OTHER side of an adoption that dissapointed…Birthmothers4Adoption writes a thought provoking article about How NOT to Handle a Disappointment. She gives care to all those involved but urges adoptive parents to understand how important it is not to speak angrily or berate the women who in the end decided to parent her child. Note: She is not saying that grief and sadness and even feelings of angry or frustration shouldn’t be experienced. She feels the heartache of all those involved. Her post really addresses when those feelings turn to negative actions. This is a very important read for all prospective adoptive parents:

Should you hire an adoption facilitator or consultant? | Adoptivity

Risks to Know Before Hiring an Adoption Facilitator instead of using a full service adoption agency

The Gift of Open Adoption: Part 1 | Hellobee

Initial Fears About Open Adoption Ceasing: “When I first heard about open vs closed adoption, I will admit that I had my reservations about the “openness” factor. I wondered what it really meant to have an “open” adoption and if that would make you feel scared as an adoptive parent.”

What You Don’t Know About Adoption—and Why You Should Care

Every adoption story is different, but this article outlines why it’s important for everyone to learn about adoption!

How to Prepare an Adoptive Parent Portfolio

Highlights from this Creating a Family radio show “How to Prepare an Adoptive Parent Portfolio”